For additional information, please contact:
Lauren Erickson



The following are factors in determining the performance rate:
Musicians Selected
Length of Performance
Travel Distance
Amplification Requirements (no extra charge)

Canopy Rental ($25 extra)

For a Personal Quote - please contact Lauren

Outdoor Services require Shade and Shelter for the Musicians.
Wood instruments can be damaged by sunlight, tree sap and other elements.
For $25, Erickson Flute & Ensemble can provide a 10'x10' Canopy for the Musicians.

Amplification Equipment Shown:
800 Watt, 8 Channel Power Mixer
15" Yamaha Speakers for Concert Halls/Large Outdoor Settings
12" Peavey Speakers for
Large Venues
7" Yamaha Speakers for Small Venues
- Equipment is custom selected for each location and event at no extra charge-

Please note, during inclement weather (rain, wind storms, etc.), permanent shelters
are required to completely protect the Musicians and their instruments.