The following are written email comments and notecards we have saved from clients through the years:


First Step:

“Thank you for contributing your talents to First Step’s 30th Anniversary Tribute by providing such beautiful music.  The evening was a success thanks to you!”

[First Step letter of recommendation]


Temple Beth El:

“I would recommend the Erickson Flute and Ensemble for Weddings, Anniversary Parties or Dinner Parties” – Patrice Phillips, President (May 7, 2008)

[Temple Beth El letter of recommendation]


Mercantile Bank of Michigan:

“We will highly recommend Erickson Flute and Ensemble to any corporation who is looking to add a little touch of elegance to their event…” – John Zimmerman, Vice President (April 3, 2008)

[Mercantile Bank letter of recommendation]


City of Dearborn:

“Your willingness to appear and perform and to support the efforts of the Commission is greatly appreciated.”  Deborah Whiteside-Stough (January 28, 2008)

[City of Dearborn letter of recommendation]


May 21, 2011, from Groom regarding Ceremony (Flute and Violin):

“I’m so thankful for the beautiful music, it helped to really calm me down while I was walking down the aisle and waiting for my bride!” –Mark T.


May 7, 2011, from Bride regarding Ceremony (Flute and Harp):

“Lauren, Thank you so much for the beautiful music!!”  Love, Zac and Jill


November 28, 2010, from director of music at Plymouth First United Methodist Church:

“Thanks so much for playing flute on November 28th.  I love working with you! –Dr. Marcia Van Oyen


October 2, 2010, from Bride regarding Ceremony (Flute and Harp):

“I really wanted to thank you for doing such an excellent job at our wedding. All of our guests loved the music selections. (I) want to let you know how special it was to have you there playing (flute and harp), like I said before perfect touch to a perfect day. Thank you!”  Jennifer Galvin


July 31, 2010, from Bride regarding Ceremony (Flute, Violin, Piano, Voice):

“Thank you so much for providing such wonderful music at our wedding ceremony!  It sounded so beautiful in the chapel and I had so many people tell me how lovely it was.  We really appreciate you helping to make our day so memorable!  Kristin and Dave Winkel





May 2009, from Bride regarding Ceremony:

"You've been wonderful through this whole process and knowing you at a personal level has made working with you an honor.  Thank you so much for sharing your gift on this day.  You have truly made this day special for us both.   Thank you, Jennifer and Michael"


March 2009 from Music Program Chair (regarding flute and classical guitar):

"I am glad that I asked you to participate with your music after the lecture on Orchestra Hall.  You are always eager to share your music with audiences and you give beautiful performances."  -Anne Greenstein


Regarding my music samples:

“I listened to the samples on your website….your music is absolutely beautiful and being a musician myself, I must say I am very impressed! –Melissa Grigg, Ypsilanti (March 2008)


From Music Chairman regarding Two Flutes:

“Lauren and Rae, I was very pleased with the Filipino concert!  You and Rae were spectacular.  The pieces we selected were beautiful and were crowd pleasers.  Thank you very much.” –Roy Coloma, Music Chair, (April 2008)


Two Flutes:

“Lauren and Rae, the flutes were a great addition to our April program.  All the rehearsal time and your efforts are appreciated- the audience thought so as well.  A fine performance!”  -Gail Waggoner, President Farmington Musicale (April 2008)


My Flute Solo Concert:

“You contributed so much to our fine program, Lauren.  You and Shelly play with the rapport of real sisters, and the Cimarosa was a perfect opener.  The Chaminade (Concertino) was a brilliant finale for the concert.  Cecile (Chaminade) would have been proud of you!  The Concertino is an audience favorite and you….brought lots of smiles.  Additionally, you all looked lovely.  –Tuesday Musicale Chair  Barb MacIntosh for January Program (Jan. 2008)


Comment on being a music Judge:

Dear Lauren, It is just wonderful that you are here to judge our woodwind students today.  Thank you for your service.”  -Connie Randall, MFMC Superior Day Chairman (May 3, 2008)


From a Professional Musician:

“Hi Lauren, I listened to your cd all the way home.  It is truly wonderful.  I will have no hesitation referring clients to you.  You are a gifted flutist and your music is beautiful!”  -Diane Dunn, harpist and author (Feb 2006)


November 2006 Bride:

“I wanted to write and thank you form the bottom of my heart – you and your harpist were amazing!  I loved every minute of my wedding and it sounded beautiful! … You were truly a pleasure to work with – and I will be the first to recommend you to any other brides looking for the most angelic sounding ceremony!!” – Jennifer Jamnik


July 2005 Bride:

“Kevin and I both feel that you were wonderful to work with.  You handled everything that came up and you were very flexible in helping me to choose the music.  You will be in our photo album and remembered forever.  I believe the biggest thank you we can give is to recommend you to friends and if anyone ever asks me I will always speak highly of you and give them your name.  Thank you for being a part of our wedding day.” - Sincerely, Amy Christianson (July 2005)


2005 Bride:

“Dear Lauren and Ensemble – Thanks for your talent and beautiful music you played on our wedding day!!  The three of you were incredible!!  Steve and I enjoyed all of your songs and everyone commented on the music as perfect.  Thanks for making our day perfect and for the memories!” – Oksana Fink (2005)


Renaissance Lecture Recital:

“Dear Lauren, during our meeting right after you and Cathy Heise  played for us, several expressed a sincere desire that we write to you to tell you how much we benefited from your beautiful program.  Everyone loved it and we can’t thank you enough.  You and Cathy are a real team!  One of the requirements of a P.E.O. chapter meeting is to have a program that will educate the members.  Your duet more than filled the bill, as we got to enjoy the beautiful music of the Renaissance Period  and both of you shared so much about the instruments you played.  I was fascinated by your recorders- an instrument we seldom get to hear.  Thank you also for coming in costume- that was special.  –Marge Cotter, chair PEO  (2005)


July 2004 Bride: 

“Dear Lauren, We would like to sincerely thank you for providing us with the beautiful music from the Flute and Harp.  We truly enjoyed our ceremony- the music was wonderful.  (It) truly highlighted the beauty of our wedding.  With Love, Mr. and Mrs. Lance Anderson (July 2004)


Wedding Consultant:

“On behalf of Wedding Tales Consulting Services, I would like to express my appreciation for your collaboration at the wedding of Lance Anderson and Dennette Beasley.  Working with professional vendors to create a client’s fairy-tale wedding is always a pleasure.”  -Yakima Brookins (2004)


Music Chair, Farmington Musicale:

“Thank-you, thank-you for a wonderful addition to the November program (2004).  The Sousa marches were perfect.  The show would not have been complete without the piccolo solo by Rae.  Please share with her and Jennifer how much I appreciate having them perform, and how much everyone enjoyed your Flute Trio. - Fondly, Brenda”


Professional Organist: 

“…It was a joy to have a chance to play with you at Meadowbrook!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It is always a treat to work with such a pro as you.” - Joan Haggard, A.A.G.O. (2003)


Regarding a recording I’m on:

“Thank you for coming to my aid with this beautiful cd!  It made quite an impression at the Blessing Group at Lynn’s…as you can imagine!  I’ve ordered 5 cd’s from St. John Neumann. - Love, Gail J.  (2004)


2004 Bride: 

“I must say, I am glad I put my trust in you.  The music was magical.  Really, it was truly beautiful.  Thanks so much for the months of help and rearranging.  Sorry the ceremony was changed a bit last minute.  You did wonderfully!”  - Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lamb (regarding flute and celtic harp, 2004)


June 2004 Bride:  

(regarding her wedding ceremony with flute and harp, outdoors, with amplification, June '04):

"I just wanted to call and thank you.  The music was just beautiful.  It set the whole mood and I couldn't have asked for anything more or anything better.  It was exactly what I wanted.  It was perfect!" –Christie Puggini


2004 Mother of the Bride: 

Thank you soooo much, you (gals) were great, made the day even more beautiful!!  ….thought the day was perfect in every way.  I loved your music, I listened to it all in the background as I was busy with guests.”  -Pam Wagner (2004, fl and h)

And again:  “Today I’m listening to your music on the wedding video as we make copies.  It’s so beautiful.  Thanks again”  -Pam Wagner


Regarding Flute Duo: 

“Hi Lauren,  Just wanted to thank you and Jennifer for being apart of my wedding. It was very organic and perfect…. I'm  glad I found you on the net…” - Be blessed, Jessica and Kenyatta Poole

President, Farmington Musicale: 

“Dear Lauren, such a joy to hear you perform again!!  The Mozart pieces were so moving because of the deep expression that you gave them!”  - Connie (2002)


Bride regarding Catholic Mass: 

“Dear Lauren, John and I would like to thank you for the beautiful music you provided for our wedding.  It was beyond perfect and we were amazed at how wonderfully blended you all sounded together (flute, harp, organ, vocals).  Several guests commented on the beauty of the mass due to your talent.  Thank you for being a special part of our day!”  - With Sincere Gratitude, John and Tracy Taggart (2004)


From a flute student: 

“Mrs. Erickson, Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help me pick out just the right flute.  Now I can finally play those low notes!”  - Katie


From a mother of flute student: 

“Dear Lauren, Just a small thank you for the wonderful year of lessons.  You are exactly the sort of music teacher (my daughter) needs.  She really responds to your warmth, affection and sense of fun!  Who wouldn’t?  You are a gem, and I think God put you in (my daughter’s) life for a reason.”  - Clare





“I so loved your contribution to the program at the October (2004) meeting.  You and your friends (pennywhistles, celtic harp, flute and piano) were very entertaining.  I especially liked “Clair de Lune” (fl and piano).  It is one of my favorites.  - Noreen


Church Organist/Pianist: 

“Thank you so much for sharing your “time & talent” with us once again at Holy Family (Novi).  I love playing with you and Mimi, true professionals.  As Glenn would probably have put it – “the A-team was at work”!  - Love, Beth  (2004)



“Thank you so much for creating the beautiful ambience that we’ve always dreamed of!  We appreciate your talent very much.”  - Peace, Nichole and Aaron, St. John Neumann



“Lauren, thank you for a lovely touch to our special day.  The two of you play beautifully.  We appreciate your talent and music.”  - Regards, Lisa and Todd Smith


Mother of the Bride: 

“Thanks for making Christy’s day special!” – Peggy Jones


Bach Festival Chairperson: 

“A big thank you…for making the Bach Festival such a success- couldn’t have done it without you! -Gwen Toney (Aug, 2004)


On being a teacher: 

“You are a special person!  Thank you for going the extra mile with Morgan.  We are lucky to have you” - Love, Linda (2004)


Longacre House, Farmington Hills:

“Thank you so much for your performance and that of the Flute Ensemble and the Recorder Ensemble at our open house on Sunday (2003).  You played beautifully.  The young people impressed us all with their talent and the audience loved all of you.”  - Marj, Longacre



“I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed all the music for the ceremony!  It was absolutely beautiful!!!!  Most people that were there came up to me to tell me how much they enjoyed the music, many compliments to you (Lauren), Pat and Leslie.”  - Michelle Flynn